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What are the roles of women in Islam? Do Muslim women have any rights? What is the status of a woman in Islam? Find out how Muslim women themselves answer these common questions in the videos below.

How Islam Made Me a Feminist – Zena Agha

What Islam Really Says About Women | Alaa Murabit

Woman Rights in Islam – Mentioning Her Name – Dr. Dua’ Fino

Manhood & Womanhood in Islam – Yasmin Mogahed

UCLA MSA West 2011 Throughout history, every culture and society has crafted their ideals for manhood and womanhood. The 14th century sociologist, Ibn Khaldun, noted that the common denominator of all cultures is that they usually take their rich and powerful as their archetypes for manhood and womanhood. For us living in a pluralistic society […]

Female Speakers – Zakira Shyrose & Zahra Al-Alawi