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Latina Converts Describe Path to Islam

My Journey to Islam – Sarah Joseph

Sarah Joseph is CEO and Editor of Muslim lifestyle magazine emel ( and commentator on British Muslims. She is a writer and a broadcaster and lectures on Islam both within the UK and internationally (USA, Europe, Middle and Far East). Sarah converted to Islam at the age of 16 in 1988 after being brought up […]

Journey to Islam – Lisa Killenger

Lisa Killenger describes her own story of reversion to Islam.

Fasting Changed My Life Forever! -New Muslim for Ramadan Inspiration

Story of a revert whose life’s turning point was her decision to fast! A true inspiration for Ramadan. She started to fast before she accepted Islam. About three weeks into Ramadan, she had experienced internal peace she was looking for, and decided to accept Islam as a way of life.

British Woman Becomes a Muslim and Reverts to Islam