Videos related to ‘hijab’

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to be mindful of their chastity: this will be most conducive to their purity – [and,] verily, God is aware of all that they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and to be mindful of their chastity, and not to display their charms [in public] beyond what may [decently] be apparent thereof; hence let them draw their head-coverings over their bosoms. And let them not display [more of] their charms to any but their husbands, or their fathers, or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons, or their husbands’ sons, or their brothers, or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their womenfolk, or those whom they rightfully possess, or such male attendants as are beyond all sexual desire, or children that are as yet unaware of women’s nakedness; and let them know swing their legs [in walking] so as to draw attention to their hidden charms.” An-Nur 30-31*

What does my headscarf mean to you? – Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Muslimah On Location – Youthful Essence by Siyf Muhammad-El

The Veil – A Spoken Word Poem by Kashmir Maryam

World Hijab Day – Nazma Khan

Nazma Khan tells us about the persecution she faced due to her hijab and why she started World Hijab Day

I’m Taking My Hijab Off – Hijabi Bengali Sisters (vlog)