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The Muslims You Cannot See – Sahar Habib Ghazi

Islamic Fiction: Adding Our Stories to the American Literary Landscape – Najiyah Diana Helwani

Najiyah Diana Helwani is the author of several short stories, poems and articles. Her debut novel, Sophia’s Journal, takes its modern Muslim heroine back to 1857 where she comes face-to-face with the reality of race-based slavery. It looks at American history through Muslim eyes and Islam through American eyes. Her discussion will make you want […]

The Evolving Role of the Mosque in Society – Dr. Ingrid Mattson

The Cordoba Dialogues are a series of lectures that bring in renowned academics of high merit and competence to McMaster University and the Hamilton community. Each scholar gives a talk on an area of interest that is related to Muslims and Islam in the West. Lectures are concluded with informal discussion periods between the guest […]

Is Islam a religion for Arab Men? – Myriam Francois-Cerrah

Music, Culture, and Islam – Nancy Khallil