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Strategy of the Muslim Community after the 2016 Elections – Dalia Mogahed

Kashmir Maryam performing for Syria

Kashmir Maryam performing for Syria at a fund raiser at NYU

Right Livelihoood – Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi is a global peacemaker from rural Kenya. She has engaged in peace work and conflict resolution in many of the world’s most divided countries. Her comprehensive methodology combines grassroots activism, a soft but uncompromising leadership, and a spiritual motivation drawing on the teachings of Islam.

Compassion in Action: My Life as a Muslim Woman Activist Scholar – Dr. Merve Kavakci-Islam

In this timely lecture, Dr. Merve Kavakci draws on her vast experience as an elected Turkish parliamentarian, a student of the Qur’an and Islam, and a respected academic to look at the ways she has built a bridge between Islam and the West in her own life and how one may extrapolate from her experience […]

Interview with Tawakkul Karman, Nobel Peace Prize Winner